75 mm Mono Filament Extrusion Plant

Suppliers Of Yarn Extrusion Plan

We AAPL are leading Suppliers Of Mono Filament Extrusion Plant and Suppliers Of Yarn Extrusion Plant. We are Mono Yarn Plant Manufacturers In India and export to more than 45 countries and one of the leading Mono Yarn Machine Manufacturers In Gujarat with best quality, services and good price.

75mm HDPE Monofilament plant production is 100 Kgs/hour. It’s guaranteed production with world class quality. APPL 75mm Pet monofilament Extrusion Line is very economical plant for users

Product Details

Monofilament Extrusion Line produce higher transparency and more competent strength monofilament with supreme mechanism and rigid standard of craftsmanship as well as long experience in this field.

Key Features

  • Heavy Duty body and machined surface by Double Column VMC
  • APPL HDPE / PET monofilament extrusion plant yarn dia. Range is 0.13 to 0.5mm. (Very accurate die/mold to produce this small sizes of yarn)
  • Longer life of screw & barrel
  • AC invertor & motor which synchronizes the entire extruder
  • PP, HDPE, PET, Nylon & LD can be processed due to its special screw design
  • Latest technology used to force the melt into the die very effectively
  • All items like gear boxes, motors, bearings, drives will be International standard companies only. And all parts manufacturing in in house by CNC and VMC Machines
  • Compared to other companies extrusion line more productivity and less maintenance
  • Behind APPL monofilament extrusion plant can be attached with bobbin winder, online ring winder, pineapple winder, cheese winder as per requirement
  • Less noisy pollution
  • Less power consumption

By our HDPE monofilament extrusion plant yarn will be as under

  • Excellent finish ability
  • Enhanced durability and toughness
  • Superior impact, abrasion and shatter resistance
  • Reduced permeability

Monofilament fabrics are used in wide variety of applications as under

  • Dredging nets used in ports
  • Construction material for layering of concrete
  • Brooms and Brushes
  • Mosquito curtain fabrics
  • Shade nets and intermediate packing for garlic
  • An ideal fiber for Automotive Air Bags and Timing Belt applications
  • Industrial brushes
  • Ropes for offshore and transport purposes
  • Also used in a range of Industrial and Military Applications